About Us

About Us
Raven Headquarters
Raven Golf 2865 S,
Moorland Rd,
New Berlin, WI 53151
Phone: 262 – 754 – 1370

Raven’s goal is to be world leader in custom golf clubs.
Partnering with the top Pros and Club makers in the world, Raven is able to offer great golf clubs that fits you.

We do not use million of dollars on ad marketing and tour players, nevertheless you will find many young players with Raven in there bag. We market our products by word of mouth, Tony Miller design and expert craftsmanship.
Raven equipment is further enhanced through expert fitting and building of its clubs to suit the individual golfer. Raven only sells its products through Pros and club makers, so you can’t buy Raven off the rack.

Raven custom fitted golf clubs are guaranteed to improve your game.
Contact your Pro or Club maker today and you might get some good golf tips for free.


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