We are a full service custom golf club company based in Wisconsin, USA. Through our dealers and this website, you can reach us from anywhere in the world. We will help you get the clubset that fits you and the way you play.

This is a golf club business run by avid golfers. We endeavor to help our customers get the proper club in their hand that will help make golf more fun! We design clubs for the beginners to the pro.

At our headquarters in New Berlin, Wisconsin, we have a complete test center for any of our customers to come and try our products. It is outfitted with the latest VECTOR launch Monitors. We also use the computers to try our heads with many different shafts to find which ones work well together. We even test the heads of other companies to prove to you that our club heads can perform the same – if not better than any name brand club on the market! Don’t believe it? Let us prove it!If you have any questions on any of our products we welcome you to email or call us to try to find what would be best for your game. You can reach us at 1-800-236-4566! Or locally at 262-754-1370

My newest Iron is now here. This is the TS 401. I have worked on this model for two years and it is finally done. It comes 3-PW, 4-PW or 5-PW. Right hand only right now.


This is more like art than it is like a golf club. This model is made of 8620 (That is the metal the tour guys like). Milled face with milled grooves to max out the USGA allowable specs.

After all this we go back a mill the back cavity to make sure every head has exactly the same thickness. Amazing feel club to club.

Then off to finishing, chroming and face sand blasting. voila, a work of art!